Are you experienced enough?

Is it really to your advantage to do the inspection yourself? Even the most experienced home owner or tradesperson lacks the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned home inspector. Every year a home inspector inspects hundreds of homes, attends continuing education workshops, lectures, seminars and subscribes to trade journals. Having completed thousands of inspections, a professional home inspector develops a sixth sense that gives him an edge when inspecting. That training, coupled with the knowledge that different types of structures are prone to certain defects can mean the difference between the fault being found by a professional or not being seen by the untrained amateur eye.

The best reason for not doing your own home inspection is probably because most buyers find it very difficult to remain completely objective, unemotional and unattached from the home they are looking at. The “I want everything to be OK” desire most buyers have, can steer you into making a very poor assessment of the home’s true condition. A mistake like this could cost you dearly after you move in.

A professional, certified home inspector gives you an unbiased report on the condition of the property. This is something no buyer can realistically do for themselves.