Prospective Homebuyer: The right to use the inspector of your own choosing

Making an informed Decision

If a real estate agent tells you that you cannot use an inspector of your choosing, or insists that you use one of their “recommended” or “approved” inspectors, you should contact your attorney as well as the State Real Estate Commission. (You should also wonder why they don’t want you using an independent inspector of your choosing.) A real estate broker or sales agent who tries to get you to use an inspector of their choice is trying to control the home inspector selection process. It would be advisable to run, not walk, as far away from this agent as possible. Prospective home buyers must keep in mind that real estate agents who receive a commission from the property seller, are working in the best interest of their client, (the seller), not you. As the prospective home buyer, shouldn’t the home inspector you’re paying for, be working only for you and in your best interest?